Friday, September 25, 2009


In today's Rivereast was our second insert responding to the survey the Portland Republicans had done this summer. Here is the insert and comments!

Focus on the importance of volunteers and those who work efficiently to save the town money yet provide essential services. Reduce publicity on program "frills" and P.R. hype.

Allow the Portland Reservoir area to be used for a Portland Residents Park to canoe, fish, swim, bikes and walk.

Can we develop the reservoir area (now that it is no longer used as water supply) for fishing, hiking, biking and passive recreation use?

Swimming would be very expensive --insurance. Let dog owners walk their dogs and not expect taxpayers pay to exercise their dogs. We all managed to ride bides without bike paths.

Portland needs parks, pools and more businesses! We have had a wonderful experience with the schools.

Portland doesn't have a pot to pee in and some wants a place for dogs to pee?

There are NO parks in this Town! Portland needs more choices for summer programs for the children especially for special interests.

Need to develop the waterfront. We could be an Essex or Stonington. Not a small Bridgeport!

Mansfield, CT has a fabulous community center with pool and indoor track.

More walking/bicycles paths...

I would Never Vote Republican.

A dog park would be nice.

Lack of river facilities--care more for the beetles. With the largest riverfront on the Connecticut River it is shameful.

Swimming--Brownstone is private.

Put a beach in at the Reservoir! or a bike path. We would use regularly.

Don't spend money for nonessential items during recessionary times, like a dog park, this is not essential.

Portland lacks public parks. Riverfront Park smells of oil, has a sewer running through it and has no beauty at all. We need a park where our community can gather.

We have a quarry to swim in. We do not need to pay for a dog park. We have fields at over priced schools. We do not need to pay for bikepaths. NOTHING IS FREE!

Would like to see more recreational opportunities for adults.

Focus not on political party--good of community at large.

Portland needs more family activities.

The Parks and Recreation Commission is unable to accomplish developing resources. There are too many commissions--Parks and Rec, Brownstone Quorum, etc. that are trying to develop things. Pool these resources and maybe something will get done. We need bike and walking paths. Develop Airline Trail. Parks and Rec has a whole plan paid for but not able to act on.

Would strongly recommend building bike path on old railroad line and connecticut to Airline Trail that runs from East Hampton to Andover(?) (It's great). May be able to use Federal stimulus funds. Also open up Portland Reservoir for biking, hiking, fishing and swimming activities.

I believe that Town Government provides many services that the Town can't afford and has no business providing. I think that the Town should make cut-backs--enough to reduce the average homeowners taxes to $2,000 a year!!!!

Recreation is almost dismal.

I am friends with someone on the Brownstone Quorum. The group is trying to build a park by the river with no funding and the labor of only about a dozen people. The park will be for town use. Kids with ATVs have destroyed the field that was planted (grass) last year. The Board of Selectmen has repeatedly ingnored requests to stop it. Somehow it won't get mowed. Meanwhile, across the river Cromwell is building a beautiful park with federal funding. they have roads, a gazebo and town support!

Do you really expect things to change.......with a Democratic majority on the BOS? and elsewhere?


  1. I have owned a home on the road that leads to the reservoir for that last 20yrs. With my husband, we have raised two children. When we first moved here it was a quiet country road, our children loved going for walks with us to go see the horses and ducks. Over the years we have watched the traffic increase in both volume and speed. I worry just pulling out of my driveway now, thank goodness I don't have small children on bikes to worry about.
    I would like to know if you have thought ahead as to how you will control the increased traffic on this small country road? Will you widen it? Put sidewalks in? Traffic lights? Radar to control speeders? How will you protect us, the residents that live on this street?
    We use the reservoir now as do many people, we enjoy its natural beauty and serenity just as it is. It doesn't need to be turned into some kind of theme park or amusement center, we already have one of those.
    For these reasons I am strongly opposed to turning the reservoir into a public park.

  2. build the extension of the bike path from East hampton to Portland- it's the money well spend

  3. To Sandy Downes,

    Portland says "don't come on over" take your evil republican anti American ideology somewhere else.

    Bob "- I found this at Middletown Press so i think as 5 yrs Portland resident and immigrant from Poland I missed lot of important info !!! So is this American?

  4. Thank you for sharing the information from The Middletown Press. You have not missed information. The Portland Republicans are doing great work on behalf of the citizens. There will always be nay sayers. Please feel free to join the Portland Republicans at the potluck supper at 6 pm and Town Committee meeting at 7:30 pm to learn more. The meetings are at the American Legion on Freestone Avenue. Come On Over, the Portland Republicans Welcome You!